About VPDealz.com


Hello, I'm Lisa Kelling and I'm thrilled to tell you about  VPDealz.com.

VPDealz is a online service that sells deal vouchers on your behalf putting money in your pocket and new customers through your door.

VPDealz.com is focused on generating sales for our customers. Take a few moments and find out why you ought to use VPDealz year-round as your deal marketing service.


3 Reason why you should use VPDealz.com to promote your business

Reason #1 - VPDealz is Your Personal Deal Site.

VPDealz markets your offers through your own personal deal site complete with email marketing and facebook hooks to maximize sales.


Dual Marketing


Reason #2 - VPdealz Puts You in Control

Behind the scenes, you have your own personal deal management console where you can  manage all your deals, and track purchases in real time as they happen.

.Admin Access


Reason #3 - Like-Price: Using the Power of Facebook!

VPDealz lets you offer an additional discount when buyers click the Facebook "Like" button integrated with your deal offers. Getting your buyers to click "Like" spreads your deal to thousands of their friends!

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